Individual Coaching

Purpose + Passion + Power = Possibility

All of my coaching packages are customized to you and your needs and desires. Choose any one area to focus on with me, or let’s dive right into Possibility, to combine all three. During your complimentary consultation session, I’ll help you customize a plan that works best for you!


Let’s get clear on your purpose: the mission, the calling of your life. Without knowing your true purpose, you might feel stuck, directionless, at a plateau with your work, relationships, or well-being. It is through clarity around the mission that we can take daily actions towards achieving your calling in this lifetime.


In our daily walk towards Purpose, we are taking committed action towards a calling. We can be passionate about the committed action we take towards our purpose every single day. When it comes to your career, your relationships with family and friends, or the relationships you have with yourself, are you passionate about your life and the people around you? Can Passion fuel your triumphs as well as your challenges? Let’s tap into Passion and have it drive you towards your higher calling.


What sources you? What powers you? Do you currently feel as if you give so much that you don’t have enough left for yourself? What’s the on-button that turns you on so passion and purpose can reign? The journey towards fulfilling your calling is a long one and so knowing what sources you - and giving it back to yourself - is imperative. It is through knowing what powers us that we are able to live out passion and purpose consistently.


The 90-Day Journey

With Purpose, Passion, and Power all combined, we can live out Possibility to its max! Let’s go on a 90-day challenge to co-create the life you want to live. In this challenge, we will push beyond our limits to create the impossible. The challenge will consist of 5 big goals that we will drive towards and key distinctions and tools to support us in committed action towards creating a possibility in your life.

Workshop Description:


  • The Goal Post (Declaring Your North Star): Set a clear vision for your 90-Day Journey and the key milestones to fulfill on the vision. We will take time to explore and name exactly what the dream looks like and how to make it a reality. 

  • The Project Design Plan (Building Your Life Map): Receive a detailed project design plan to provide the roadmap and accountability needed to execute on your vision and mission. This plan will support in bringing your vision to life.

  • Take Action + Celebrate (Living in Abundance): In the land of possibility, that is where massive action can take place and results can be created in all aspects in life from love and relationships, career and family/friends. From there, we will set key ways to celebrate and reflect along the journey.  

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