Organizational Coaching

Stronger Teams + Better Results = More Impact

My  Leadership Development Programs are aimed at providing mission-driven organizations with the support needed to build a strong team culture and create more impact in the world. Our team of coaches are here to work with you and your team to customize the right plan towards your success.

When is coaching right for

your team?

We believe coaching can advance people and teams at any point throughout the year, but it is especially powerful in the midst of the following opportunities and challenges: 

  • The team is working through significant interpersonal communication challenges.

  • The team is taking on a major project.

  • The team is experiencing a shift in leadership or team dynamics.

  • The team is feeling lost and would like support in grounding around purpose and passion.

  • The team is ready to pivot into a new direction.


We call these moments of change inflection points. We aim to support people and teams who are meeting their inflection points with a deep desire to be ALL IN— ready to be bold, journey inward, and do the work to support internal transformation. That is our main criterion for coaching people and teams— the timing, need for additional support, and all-in attitude.

What's possible?

While we love to customize our approach to suit your needs, here are some examples of ways we can work together and what we can create. 

Our list of coaching services are described as follows:

  • Team Coaching & Committed Action: This service is a powerful opportunity for teams who want to improve communication, unite as one voice, and commit to a level of excellence on shared goals and vision.  This coaching engagement is especially productive for departments, leadership teams, as well as individuals from cross-departmental teams who need to come together to achieve results in a particular area or on a specific project.

  • Building & Maintaining a Positive Company Culture through Coaching + Survey Report & Analysis: This is a full suite service provided in conjunction with the Collective Good consulting firm in providing pulse surveys to maintain a good insight into the company culture year round. From there, we provide coaching to teams to support the actions, behaviors and mindsets that will support teams in fulfilling the organization’s mission.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness - Opening Hearts & Minds: Research shows that diversity and equity practices support a company’s bottomline, in addition to that, it supports morale, employee retention and leads to better results for the communities served. With that, we provide coaching to support organizations in preparing individuals to do the inner work of their own biases and misconceptions prior to delivering org-wide support around DEI best practices.  We work to help clients understand “self” as it relates to “others”.

  • Leadership Development Coaching: Focus on Career Pathways: This is a great service in providing managers and individual contributors with support around their own or their team’s short and long term goals, role clarity, and future career pathways.  An intended outcome with career pathway coaching allows for managers and individual contributors to see a future within the organization. It helps people gain clarity into their career, not merely execute a job.

  • Manager to Director Coaching: This coaching service allows for individuals new to a promoted role to get clear on their key objectives, take on small to medium wins and develop their leadership voice and presence as they transition from a manager to a director-level role.

  • Performance Coaching: This coaching service allows for team members to go from good to great by identifying their gaps, creating a performance roadmap and receiving support and accountability to achieve phenomenal results in their daily work.

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