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Your dream career is possible! Get the support and resources to go from surviving to THRIVING! 



My entire professional life has been focused on helping others reach their potential. I started out as a high school teacher. It was rewarding work impacting young minds. But I kept feeling like there was more I had to do. I decided to start recruiting and supporting individuals in finding meaningful work. I believed if people were doing the jobs they loved, there would be more good in the world.

As I took on new roles, I learned how organizations operated. And, more importantly, how an individual’s talent plays a role in helping these organizations thrive. As a recruiter, I developed an intimate understanding of talent acquisition and the hiring process. In short: I saw firsthand the difference between candidates that got passed over and ones that got CALLED BACK.  

Still, I often found myself just waiting for the weekend. Part of it was dealing with burnout and being overworked. I knew the work was important, yet, I didn’t understand why it was so hard to drag myself out of bed on Monday morning.


Was it something within me? As time went on, this thought kept haunting me. I started spending more and more time in meditation. Reflecting on what was truly important to me. Zoning in and developing a VISION and mindset for what I really wanted to do with my career. Around the same time, I began career coaching on the side.


And that’s when things clicked! Early in my career, I learned the necessary skills and attitude to thrive. I also saw how getting the right talent helped strategic plans become reality. And since I supported the hiring process of nearly 50 executives, I knew what makes talent stand out. My AH-HA! moment: I could use the invaluable lessons I had learned to help others grow and land their dream job!

3 Day Dare

I learned to be the captain of my life. Discover the strategies and mindset that will start the next chapter of your career.


My vision, passion, and purpose created a POSSIBILITY. Think about it: In school, we get plenty of formal training about how to do our jobs. Unfortunately, information about landing a job almost seems like an afterthought. Nobody even mentions how mindset, confidence, and effectively presenting yourself gets you noticed. But how could you do your job well if you DON’T GET HIRED? This is why I created Larnell Vickers Enterprises. 


In five years, my coaching business and career accelerator planning has changed the lives of hundreds of individuals and supported over 25 organizations. I’ve provided direction and focus for those who recently lost a job or felt stuck in their current job. My clients benefited from a renewed sense of motivation, purpose, and clarity. They gained the confidence to make it in a super competitive job market. In short: I coached individuals from being in a place of survival to embracing a new realm of POSSIBILITY.


I’ve learned a lot over these last few years. I’ve developed a coaching style and program that WORKS for my clients. We explore both traditional and non-traditional career options. We practice important skills like interviewing, negotiating salary, and building a resume/LinkedIn profile. I have road-tested strategies (with plenty of tips) about job searching, building a personal brand, and networking.  


But, most importantly, I listen. After all, if I’m going to KNOW YOU and HELP YOU SUCCEED, I want to hear your goals, fears, concerns, questions, and what’s been holding you back. Together we will develop a relationship based on mutual respect and honest, uplifting communication. Sure, I’ll take you out of your comfort zone and hold you accountable, but I will be sure you are supported during every step of your focused journey towards a better career.   


Are you ready to find the dream job that matches your skills, background, and desired income? Want to learn proven strategies AND develop the mindset and confidence to take on your new role? Let’s take this journey together. We’ll see where you’ve been, what you want to accomplish and make concrete, achievable plans to bridge the gap.  



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