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Amytza Maskati, M.A

Creative Educational Consultant

Once Larnell helped me get clear on my “essence”, dream jobs and opportunities just started lining up! I am now the founder of the only US-based Mixed Race Womxn Collective Facebook group- which wouldn't have been possible with our Larnell’s coaching!


Varuna Srinivasan

Program Manager

Larnell has been my cheerleader and guiding light over the last 3 months. In that short time, I have landed a job, side hustle, and a career plan to help me in 2021!100/10 would recommend Larnell to anyone looking for more satisfaction in their work.


Kyle Hagenburger

Expanded Learning Opportunity Specialist

Larnell helped me create tangible weekly steps that, almost without me seeing how, got me to a place beyond the initial goals I set with him. I cannot believe where I am in my career- already!


Anthony Morse, MPA

Policy, Campaign, Lobby Strategist

Larnell helped me navigate a difficult economic period and finally helped me realize the breadth of my experience and help me modernize my resume and job searching experience. His knowledge of the market and hiring processes is beyond superb and marketing myself is so easy now!


Madelynn Ringo


Larnell provided great constructive feedback, networking tips, language tools, self-reflection, and career projection strategies. In just a few weeks, I was swimming in opportunities with many new tools to make them successful.


Carmen Vazquez

School & Network Leader

Larnell provided support and helped me analyze my choices and decisions both professionally and personally, providing guidance and encouragement along the way. He offered me resume reviews, creative job search strategies, personal branding support and we negotiated my salary!

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