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Using Fear to Advance Your Career

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

So you landed what seemed like the perfect role years ago. Times have changed, you’ve evolved, and you might be worried or wondering if you can do it again.

It’s the feeling a baseball player must have when they have a record-breaking season..The next season, they come back to the plate having trained and done the prep work. But they may be thinking, “Can I really do it again?”

Most of us have that fear. The fear that maybe it was just luck or chance or a getting a once in a lifetime opportunity.

But here’s what I want to remind you:

What if there was no secret sauce?

What if it wasn’t luck or chance?

What if it was just YOU?

Fear Isn’t Bad...It’s Hinting That There Are Better Things to Come

Any sense of FEAR around your career is your indication that there is something bigger and better waiting for you. Fear is simply feedback that there is something outside of your comfort zone that you need to move towards. But how?

Committed Focused Action

What's that mean? It means NOT getting hung up on what has already been done in the past, and instead be present in the current moment. Operating from THAT perspective.

Because you do have the ability to do it again!

You might have set the big goals to have an amazing job, make an impact on the world, and get paid really well while doing it...

In this dream job, you travel, engage with talented professionals, and are well respected and loved.

The vision is SET and CLEAR.

You think you might have an idea of how to get there...

Let it go! Don’t Let Fear Stunt the Momentum

Be open to the many ways of how the opportunity might come your way. And say YES! to opportunities.

It’s all about standing for your vision, rather than standing your ground.

“Success leaves clues,” as Tony Robbins highlights.

People love to say that there is no guide book for how to live life. I would say there is, it’s just that we have to write it ourselves. Everyone’s guide book is unique. The way you write it is to look for the clues.

Life is always giving you clues as to what your next steps could be: from looking at your childhood to reflecting on previous job roles to understanding what people have said about you to knowing what you are good at.

Follow these clues! They will never fail you. They will lead you to the next opportunity.

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