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Leaders Make Big, Bold Declarations

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Anyone can make big, bold claims. As you probably know, the internet is full of them.

But simply proclaiming a declaration and assuming others will fall in line with what you’re saying rings hollow for most people...

Leaders with integrity make big, bold claims and support them with evidence.

Back Up Bold Statements

If you are in a leadership role--and you’re liked and respected--people are willing to buy into what you’re first.

But, eventually, you’re going to have to back it up. If not, the team will lose interest...or even push back at the changes.

For example, say you want to pivot your organization in a new direction. Something you know will be beneficial but may take the team well out of its comfort zone.

As you know, change isn’t always met with open arms. Instead of making edicts and telling your team to “make it happen”, you have to show that you are working just as hard to “make it happen.”

This may include rolling up your sleeves and doing some “dirty work”, providing evidence why your idea is going to create positive changes, and giving feedback and support to your team as they transition.

My Experience Being Bold

I doubted myself when I started my journey as a career and executive coach. Even after years of hiring and supporting people in finding roles and opportunities, it was hard to shake the feeling.

What I learned on this journey is that a great leader is someone who goes out and makes big declarations and does whatever it takes to fulfill their word.

So I made the declaration every single day: I could show up and support people in landing their next role. And now, that’s exactly what I do!

My results now include over 50 people supported and hired during a pandemic.

During this time, I’ve supported 10 organizations in hiring and placing talent.

I have impacted close to 100 people through workshops, talks, and seminars to unlock their career potential.

In short: I made the declaration and showed up every day.

Get in the Conversation!

I’ve learned how important it is for people to share their stories. It inspires and motivates others in similar situations.

So let me ask YOU:

What declaration are you making about your life and career?

What is it that you’re offering and how are you backing it up to deliver?

I’d love to hear from you. Schedule a free 10-minute call today. Let’s see how we can change your future.

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