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3 Crucial Aspects of Changing Careers

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Are you frustrated with your attempts to land your dream job?

Have you been trying to go about it alone?

If you answered “yes” to these questions...You’re making a BIG mistake!

We all want to believe we are in complete control of the direction our lives take. But, really, nobody is an island. Once you start opening up to all that is available to you, finding that perfect job may not be so hard.

You need to consider these three things: Source, resource, and outsource.


You are the source.

Know that the power to take action & the intuition to know your next career move starts & ends with you.

Protect your energy and outlook. It will wane from time to time. Be sure to nourish your mind and body to be open to the messages that you receive on a daily basis to stay grounded in your intuition.


If you are the source, know that you need resources to support you along the way.

Use books, training courses, and job search tools to your advantage.

These days, many of these resources are easily accessible and available., Check in to see if you are utilizing them or not. And be on the lookout to discover new ways to increase your knowledge, skills, and ability to network with individuals that can change your career course.


There are people who are waiting to support you along this career journey, but either they don’t know you are looking for a job or they aren’t clear about the kind of roles you’re seeking.

Outsourcing is finding the people in your life who can support you along the way. And they offer plenty of services like looking at your resume, sending job opportunities, and helping you negotiate your salary.

Applying to Jobs is a team Effort

It’s not a YOU effort.

In our minds, we believe that landing the next role has to be accomplished solely by ourselves -- and that is a false statement.

Even top executives, mentors, and leaders who you admire all have a team to support them in gaining career clarity, strategizing around their next step and taking action towards making it happen.

ALL 3 Sources Make a Difference

A successful job search process takes all three aspects: knowing that you’re the source, utilizing your resources, and outsourcing the people you need along the way.

Which one has been missing or needs more attention in your job search process?

Let’s start the discussion. Simply CLICK here to schedule a complimentary 10 minute phone chat with me and my team.

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