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Career Coaching Based on YOUR Potential and Possibilities

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Ready to land YOUR dream job? Not sure where to begin? Then let’s talk.

The Possibility Career Coach

My entire professional career has focused on meeting individuals where they are at and uplifting them to a better place.

I made plenty of sacrifices and learned A TON along the way. Now I’m going to help you rise to the NEXT LEVEL without some of the bumps and setbacks I experienced.

You can succeed. And I have a little formula to help the process:

Purpose + Passion + Power = Possibility

Ready to see how it will change your career path?

Career Advancement Coaching Program

For a limited time, I am combining two of my most popular coaching programs into one AMAZING opportunity.

The advancement program offers the best of BOTH worlds:

  • The affordability, camaraderie, and networking of a group program

  • The intense focus and accountability of individual coaching

What to Expect

The sessions are broken down into 4 phases. You transform from being uncertain to realizing your possibilities and TAKING ACTION.

Here’s a breakdown:

Phase 1: Your Career Story

You’ve worked hard. You’ve probably taken on a lot of roles during your professional career. But can you express them with clarity and confidence?

Phase 1 is about discovering the strengths and passions that define your purpose.

And then...turning them into your professional brand.

We’ll start with a strengths finder and personality test to help you understand why you’re drawn to a certain type of work. Then we’ll work together to get your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter optimized to GET NOTICED.

Phase 2: Job Search and Networking

Frustrated with scrolling through popular job search sites? Finding 1,001 job search results that don’t fit your skills and desires? Stop wasting time and opportunities!

Phase 2 teaches you how to find the jobs you really want...and a big part of that is NETWORKING.

You’ll bypass the popular job search engines and use networking and other proven strategies to create opportunities and engage with potential employers. And when those opportunities won’t be fumbling over interview questions.

Employers will want to hire you--at YOUR desired salary.

Phase 3: Building Confidence and Nailing Your Interview

Think you aced an interview only to be disappointed when you don’t get called back? Ever feel unprepared or surprised by the questions that were asked?

As a former recruiter, I know what makes a person stand out in an interview. One of the key things...confidence. I’m not talking arrogance. A confident person appears prepared, collected, and aware how they can make a difference for the company.

Phase 3 teaches you how to build that confidence with skills training, practice, and researching the companies you want to work for. Practice makes perfect...especially for interviews. After practice sessions we will discuss what you did well and what you could do better to stand out.

Oh, and those questions that make you squirm? The ones that seem impossible to answer well? Over the years, I’ve heard all kinds of answers...I’ll tell you the answers that work and we’ll customize them to your experience.

Phase 4: Get What You Want: Negotiating Your New Position

You have the confidence, know your skills, and can communicate them so others will notice. Now land that position with the terms you want.

Phase 4 helps you get a better understanding of your job market and what’s being offered in similar roles. You learn and practice proven negotiating skills and talking points that will make sure you’re paid what you deserve.

This phase is also about addressing the questions, concerns, and challenges you may still be facing after the first two phases. It’s all about support, accountability, and taking that BIG STEP forward.

Throughout All Four Phases You Can Expect:

  • Strategy and Mindset Q&A Group Calls: A regular opportunity to network and build a supportive community with others in the group. Check-in, ask questions, give advice, and learn from others.

  • Coaching Session Recordings and Notes: Easy access to valuable information and your progress.

  • Career Action Plan & Curriculum: Engaging tools to discover your possibilities and turn them into reality.

  • Text & Email Access to Coaches: Get the answers to questions and concerns as they arise.

  • Tracking Templates & Worksheets: Stay focused and organized as you make BIG changes.

Limited Time Career Accelerators

It’s been a challenging year. I want you to succeed.

So, for a limited time, when you enroll in my career advancement coaching program I’m going to give you a couple bonuses saving you over $1K.

  • Two “handshake” introductions to employers that may change your life

  • A “no holds barred” 1:1 coaching session with me--get the info and insight you need for FREE!

  • Three EXTRA months for group accountability and support.

Stop wondering if a better job will come along...Discover how EXCELLENT opportunities are readily available to those who know how to look.

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