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Real Talk About Manifesting Your Dream Job

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Guess what? That job has your name on it! But there are some things you need to know...

You have to go into the job search process knowing that there’s a job with your name on it. It starts with visualizing the job offer in hand with the salary you want and start date. I’ve shared time and time again...What’s for you is for YOU.

If you find yourself on Indeed with 1,001 search results that aren’t really a fit or scrolling on LinkedIn not knowing if you’re really making headway...I’m here to remind you:

Don’t fall into the trap of spending hours and hours doing something that doesn’t add up to you getting a job.


You have to focus on your vision, mission, and values and how they align with your future self.

But focus can be difficult. Notifications buzzing, emails whirling, posts populating, your phone ringing at any given moment...there’s plenty of distractions.

Ready to make that dream job a reality before your next performance review?

Then Focus on these 3 Steps Now:


Most people jump into the job search process without first getting clarity. This often leads to rejection, burnout from interviewing for inappropriate roles, and, ultimately, after months of trying, not getting any closer to landing your dream job..

Why fall into this trap?

As a Career Coach, I help you get super clear on what you want to see happen in your career, by moving from your head into your heart. From that true place of clarity, we will break your vision down into measurable outcomes you can move towards: from your ideal colleagues, to the work itself, to the leader that you want to be.


Ready to move past the hours wasted scrolling Indeed and other job search sites?

Working with me, you’ll receive clear job search strategies and measurable tracking tools to ensure that you are being efficient with your time and focused on the actions that will bring the most results.

Contrary to what you might have been doing before, you’ll start spending 20% of your time applying to jobs and 80% networking with key decision makers--who I’ll help you identify.

As a recruiter, I use my 10+ years of experience analyzing job descriptions and reviewing your resume to predict how aligned a certain role will be to your skills and experiences. I will position you to get the first round interview.

By using LinkedIn we will increase your connections. Learn to engage with aligned employers, hiring managers, and recruiters. This simple step leads to direct phone calls with key decision makers.

This is a guaranteed process that will more than double the chances of landing your first interview...


Nervous? Sweaty? Unprepared?

Sound familiar? If you’re not feeling confident before and during your interview process (even on Zoom), the odds are pretty low that you will land the job.

Let’s get to work! We’ll build your confidence by supporting you with research on the interviewer(s) and role and pain points of the companies you want to work at.

Most importantly, we’ll get you practice. I’ll set you up with mock interviews that include targeted questions aligned to the skills and responsibilities of the role you most want. You’ll even walk away with a cheat sheet of key notes to take into the interview room!

After each interview, we'll debrief to help you understand what worked, what didn’t work, and what key learnings you’ll apply to the next one.

As a little bonus, you’ll even receive guidance on the proper way to send thank you notes.

Stop Wondering If That Job is Out There

The truth is, working with any Career Coach will get you to the next position in your current career.

Here’s how I’m different:, I won’t just limit you to the next “rational” step. If you’re ready to manifest your ideal role, salary, and work/life balance, then let’s schedule a complimentary 10 minute phone call to discuss your specific steps.

We will FOCUS in on clarifying your unique career story, identify where your dream job might be hiding, and get you ready to pitch yourself as productive partners in landing your dream job.

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